Monday, November 29, 2010

The Break Up

I can't hate you, Broncos; I've loved you for too long. But I've just been in denial, I guess.

Sure, I'm not the same as I was when we met. Back then I was young and exuberant. I used to wear orange as much as I could, and I always had faith that you would do the right thing.

People picked on me in school all the time for liking you, but even when the Simpsons made fun of you we took it in stride. You were lovable.

There was John, Sammy, Karl, Rulon, the Amigos, Steve and Dennis, and Terrell, Eddie Mac and Mobley, and Tyrone. Who could forget Tyrone?!

We went to the playoffs all the time. It was great! But that was then. Things have changed, and I don't know if it is because I changed, or what? It's just that, nothing seems to work anymore.

You don't have any direction. You mope around in your bathrobe and don't seem to do anything to improve. These days you are out at all hours of the night, getting into fights and losing. That's's the losing. There's just so much of it and it keeps getting worse! I mean, St. Louis?!

I think you need to get help, but I'm not sure where to start. You could stop hanging out with Josh, but I'm not sure if that would even matter.

I...I just think it would be okay if we saw other people for a while. At least until the time comes that you are ready to be in a committed relationship.

It may not be the right time to say this, but I've been seeing someone else for some time. No, it isn't another football team. It's the Avalanche. They just, I dunno, seem to understand how to win. They're motivated. Even when they were terrible there was always hope that they would find way to get better, and look at them now! They're young and vibrant. They're exciting. The sky is the limit! Don't act like you didn't cheat too. Don't even go there!

I dunno...they're everything that you used to be.

There, I said it. Just...stop...stop crying. This isn't easy for me either.

Look, you know my number. Give me a call sometime, when you're ready.