Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thoughts on a Tuesday

Happy Day after St. Patrick's day everyone!!!

oops, sorry...I'll say it a bit more quietly next time...can I offer you a Gatorade or an exorcist?

Due to the predictable hangover and nationwide drop in productivity on this fine day I'm only going to throw out a few thoughts and then leave you to your couch.

-I'm fully on the "Day after St. Pat's as a national holiday" bandwagon at this point. There are certainly days during the year that should be holidays because of the work of great Americans of the past. But the day after St Pat's, like New Years, should be a holiday if only to allow people time to collectively remember the correct bar or night club where they left their shoes...

-Has anyone noticed lately the emergence of Pascal Dupuis on the Pens? Pascal became one of those players that I completely forgot played in the league after he left Minnesota, mainly because he wasn't involved in daily speculation on whether or not he was actually going to play with Marian Gaborik. Dupuis has 5 points in his last two games, and all Coach Thierrien has to do is keep a hot line together and Malkin might have himself a good wingman opposite Sykora...but I think we all know that Coach Thierrien doesn't have the ability to keep hot lines together...boo!

-Only six games left for Ovechkin to get to 60 goals. He currently sits at 57 and should break the 60 mark soon. Is it wrong to be disappointed that he probably won't get to 70? I guess I'm getting greedy...only it would be a nice poster to add to his shrine in my garage...

-Tough loss last night for the Avalanche. Something tells me that any teams that go into Minnesota for the playoffs are going to have a difficult time coming out with wins...even if the Wild aren't going to average more than 2 goals a game until Jacques Lemaire allows his players to cross their own blue line.

- I did the math and figured out the highest possible goals against average for a keeper: 3614.45. This nasty mark of shame can be attained if a goalie were to allow a goal on the first shot of the game one second after the puck is dropped, and then got pulled.

In a little jail cell somewhere Attila Ambrus just got chills.

FYI, Attila Ambrus once gave up 23 goals in a game, and 88 over a 5 game span. He is currently in a Hungarian prison serving a 17 year sentence for bank robbery...so he's got that going for him...

-Okay I've got to say it, since his return I've noticed that Peter Forsberg actually looks a bit small. I came to this admission as he was getting bumped around by the Wild last night. Maybe high def television actually takes weight off, but it looks to me like Pedro needs to go to Ophelias in old town Arvada and get the #1 combo plate...which is actually two plates of green chile covered Mexican goodness.

-I'm going to enjoy all of the Roy vs Brodeur debates after Marty retires...if he ever actually does retire that is...

After all the years and all the records to me it comes down to Roy as the greatest.

When it comes down to debating who was better at what I always try to go with important head to head matchups. Simply, St. Patrick is the best because he prevailed when he and Marty met for the chalice in 2001. Certainly Marty will own all the records, but Roy beat Marty for the Cup.

And with that I'll retire for the day and resume my search for 30 gallons of hangover killing sausage gravy and a large jar weapons grade aspirin.

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