Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thoughts On a Wednesday

Alrighty gang I'm back with more thoughts around the league. Sorry I've been a bit delinquent in posting lately, I've been helping a friend finish his basement.

Note to self: go back in time and remove yourself from any and all construction jobs and related activities. Go into finance in college. DO IT! That way in the future you won't have to hear things like "we'll you aren't working, why can't you come over and build me a basement. I'll buy you lunch."

-What is it about friends who pull that crap? I'm not Amish. I don't raise barns for free, and I need money! But I'm a good friend and help out. Yet I'm convinced my story gets repeated thousands of times every week across the nation. Friends asking friends who are good a building things to build stuff for free. Listen homeowners, these people are your friend for a reason, but if you fail to pay them money for labor what would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars you aren't going to be friends with your helpful building friend much longer, and you'll be stuck alone asking stupid questions at the Home Depot. Get it?

-Speaking of people leaching off of others- Rick Dipietro: 26 wins, 26 losses, 2.81 GAA and a .902 save percentage on the 2007-2008 season. Only what, 14 more years to go on that contract playing behind a crappy team, eh?

-Colby Armstrong is doing pretty well for the Thrashers with 5 points in 7 games. It is good to see that being friends with Sidney wasn't the the reason he had pointage on the Pens. Now all Atlanta needs to do is have their team move to Calgary, change their name to the Flames, and land a top five goaltender and they're right in Cup contention!

-As the "Alex Ovechkin knocked out Evgeni Malkin's agent" story gets more press I'm waiting for the obligatory NHL/Jerry McGuire related joke to pop up on Leno...and then I'll miss it because I watch Letterman. Note to Malkin's agent: don't screw with The O, you are an agent because you suck at every thing that doesn't involve screwing people out of money.

-Super Joe Sakic is once again the prominent player on the Avalanche, what with all the injuries. This comes as a shock to absolutely no one, only I always like to hear casual Avs fans complain around the trade deadline that the Avs never have any good players. That always cracks me up.

-Sergei Fedorov has 2 points in 6 games since being shipped to the Caps. Would it be too much to ask the guys on Versus to stop lauding people like Fedorov because of their reputations? Is this possible? Ever? As I've stated before, Fedorov should have retired five years ago, and Backstrom is still seeing time with Ovechkin. If Fedorov was really that good Columbus would have kept him with Nash.

-Ryan Smyth and Rusty Salei should be back with the Avs soon. I'll be available to write that again in two weeks, and two weeks after that...

-"This Spring, Coming to NBC: The Ice Hockey Playoffs of The National Hockey League...because we're contractually obligated!"

-The Avs come home tomorrow for a game against Edmonton at the Can. If the Avs lose I want to see an irate Joel Quenneville scream into the mic at the post game press conference "But our winning combination was gonna be hard to beat! I mean they were our winning combination! It's in the semantics, damnit!"

-It is commercials for GM where a bug eyed Q says things like that that are the reason he needs to be involved with the Avs for a long time.

-Also, how come nobody makes more fun of that commercial? On what radio station does Coach Q have his own show where he sits in a darkened room alone and answers questions by magically shaping them all into endorsements for GM? Not 950 The Fan...they only have an irritable Q on early Thursday mornings to impatiently answer questions from fans who spent the previous 3 hours crafting the most complicated and difficult questions to ask a coach ever.

-"Good morning coach. I noticed lately that Cody McCloud wears bigger breezers than Cody McCormick, who only seems to wear medium sized breezers, do you think this has anything to do with why we aren't seeing McCormick much and instead David Jones is seeing more time? And how does this relate to the performance of the third defensive pairing on Tuesdays in March when you are facing Eastern conference teams and the wind is blowing from the Northwest?"

-Is it ever not hilarious when a guy on a crappy team pots a hat trick a month before the end of the regular season and the only guy who is happy about this is the person in your fantasy league who only drafted said player because you had him on your fantasy team last year? HELLO VINNY LECAVALIER!

-Here's a prediction: John Tortorella will be coaching Tampa Bay not only next year, but the year after that...for some reason...

-"Three kids? All in juniors? Send their names to GM...I won't be coaching the Avs by the time they hit the bigs...and chances are they'll end up looking for work at a factory"


Mike at MHH said...

Trust me, the GM commercials are a hot topic over at MHH. Every game thread where the majority of us are watching the Altitude feed has at least one reference those horrible abominations.

Aaron D'Albey said...

But our winning combination is gonna be tough to beat!!!

Jay Veaner said...

My wife cracks up at the GM commercial because Q has no idea where to look while he's talking. Producer-"OK coach, this is a television commercial for a fake radio show so you're not allowed to look at the camera at all or you'll ruin the whole effect. So I just need you to look absolutely everywhere in the room while you're talking except at the four cameras that will be recording you from every angle possible, including up your it?"

And if I hear the Best Western commercial with the echo double points junk in it one more time someone's getting totally crosschecked at Altitude. I get it already, double points, triple points for AAA members...blah, blah blah. Let's get back to the game please.

"It's time for a line change" on both of those commercials and they are definitely not a winning combination. =)