Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When The Man Comes Around

Crank up the Johnny Cash!

"And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder..."

I'm certain of the exact moment when the rapture hit.
And when it hit, everything changed.

In an instant there he was, The Man.

Certainly any thinking person had to wonder about the effect of his presence. There were doubts. Was he the same as he was before? Could he do what he'd done in the past? Would he be able to carry the same responsibilities?

These were questions that could only be answered upon witnessing the return for ourselves. To see with our eyes what our hearts had been telling us.

We knew what would happen when The Man came around.

You could see it as he was charging down the far boards dropping passes to Sakic. And there it was as he was stationed behind the net sending gifts to Hejduk. And there it was again by the blue line as he was stealing the puck. The fluidity and efficiency of motion. The ability to be everywhere and nowhere at once. His effect so encompassing that it could only be witnessed in the eyes of the opponent.

You could see the fear and respect.

It washed over the faces of the Canucks when he emerged. And instantly they knew this battle would not be won. But in noble fashion they tried to stop him, again and again, unwilling to give ground when the odds were not in their favor. Yet the more the Canucks tried, the harder the Avalanche fought. It is difficult to contain the effects of a phenomenon.

Last night we stood for a moment in stunned silence and learned once again that Peter Forsberg's contribution is not just an ability to see his world like few others can. His effect rather, is emotional.

His return has spawned belief.

And in believing the Avalanche are saved.

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