Monday, April 14, 2008

The Blog With The Swearing

So here I am on a Monday thinking of ways to type faster for my Avs in-game blog that I'm going to crank out tonight, and I come across this little gem by Adrian Dater at the Denver Post.

My response to Dater's rant is this: No Shit?!

I have been complaining for years that crowds at Denver sporting events were becoming subdued, and at times could be confused for library patrons. I think this started some time around when old Mile High Stadium was torn down, Invesco was built, and most die hard fans were priced out of games.

This is not the Colorado sports scene that I grew up around. As early as junior high school I was shouting my head off at losing Broncos teams. This followed through high school when my friends and I would routinely out-shout the cheer squad at Pomona football games. And finally the waning days of my youth were spent, during the the hay days of Colorado football, when no team would dare contend with an orange tossing Folsom field crowd.

In fact, I like to think that I lost my voice shouting at just about every Colorado sporting event over the last 20 years. These teams not only represent me, they represent what many natives here feel is a state that is almost always overlooked by the rest of the nation (unless it is ski season).

So what happened? We have new facilities which accommodate even more people than before, why has going to an Avalanche game become akin to going to Sunday school?

I can blame the wealthy people who have moved into the state over the last 15 years. That is easy. You know, those people who have made it difficult to afford to buy a now overpriced house even in a great market, and like to treat die hard fans at Avs games like leppers. I love those assholes. Maybe I can some day turn into a black leather jacket wearing, trust fund having, retard some day. Oh what fun that would be!

I could go around looking down at families who have dropped hundreds of dollars they don't have to sit in horrible seats at the Can. You know those people, ya rich bastards, the people who made you rich.

But that isn't the complete answer. Maybe the noise makers, the people who made the South Stands at old Mile High a dangerous place, have simply given up and now watch games at home? Maybe since the Avs missed the playoffs last season many of the fair weather fans (Denver isn't short on these people. The Rockies anyone?) just don't care anymore?

Whatever it is I am tired of watching Canadian playoff games where the entire crowd sings the national anthem without help from the singer. I'm sick of staring at Montreal games where fans sing "Ole', ole', ole'", and there is no jumbotron to tell them when to sing. And lastly, I can not take it when I'm watching an Avs/Wild game and rabid Minnesota hockey fans make me actually want to buy a plane ticket, fly out to Minneapolis and experience what it is like to be amongst people who actually know what they are looking at, know how to cheer, and don't stop until the home team scores the winning goal.



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