Friday, September 29, 2017

Thank you Mr. Wyshinski!

Here's to Greg Wyshinski who gave The Dog and Pony Show the kind of exposure that most bloggers now have to beg to receive.

2008 was the halcyon days of hockey bloggin', before it became pretentious and clique-ish and somehow more crappy (the grammar on most pages is still deplorable) not unlike a lot of the sports writing that I read at the time (and still read. It is and will always be about starting fires and/or talking out of your ass).

 It's strange to think how much has changed since then. I got busy with a hellish career in architecture and then left America to begin the long process of becoming a teacher. Meanwhile the Avs went from kind of contending to not contending to inspiring to shiftless and embarrassing. I'd like to say I felt like writing but it's hard to keep writing about the strange quirks and nonsense of hockey when your team is largely disinterested in what they are doing.

 That said, Puck Daddy was and hopefully will remain what Greg Wyshinski made it out to be: a wonderful repository of all the awesome that hockey is, was, and will be. Cheers!

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