Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Lessss Go!

And here we go! 

It’s playoff time again and I’ve decided to write things on the Internet again. What’s that you say? I’m writing this DNP in the bathroom while avoiding my family? Well, duh. 

I don’t about you, but I have running water, plenty of toilet paper left over from my Covid hoarding, and the Internet on my phone. I HAVE ALL I NEED! You hear that kids?! 


Five Bold Predictions for Round 1:

1. Mikko Rantanen will lead both teams in scoring with 9 points. Rantanen carried the team for long periods this year and in my mind is the team MVP this year with 55 goals and 105 points.  He’ll keep up the momentum. 

2. Jared McCann will score a home ice overtime winner. Everyone seems to think the Kraken will lose to the Avalanche, and they should. They can’t match the overall speed of Colorado and their defense can’t contain the Avalanche top six for seven games. However, the Kraken’s forwards, which are a combination of plucky, feisty, spirited, and several other synonyms, will win one for the home crowd. 

3. Lars Eller will punch another man in the face and then deflect in a goal with the same fist on the same play before thrusting the fist in the air where it will be struck by lightning as a sweet guitar solo plays in background. Because his name is Lars, damnit! 


4. The Avalanche defensive unit will make it through the series and be effective. 

(Looking over my shoulder for the beer can that is headed at my head for jinxing the defense.)

5. Avalanche in six games. They’ll lose one in overtime. They’ll blow another because they miss Landeskog’s playoff leadership. The other games will be business as usual since they are still one of the top three teams in the league. 

That’s all for now, Avarinos. 

Rub your rabbit feet and four leaf clovers. This playoff is going to be interesting.