Monday, February 25, 2008

Avs need a defenseman...but you already knew that.

After last night's contest in which Edmonton outworked the Avs defensive corps, it is now more evident than ever that they need a "rock" of a defenseman. By "rock" I mean a defensive defenseman who can move people.

Surely Hannan and Leopold make a great pairing, but after Karlis Skrastins, who is a premiere shot blocker, I'm just not seeing anyone who can unclutter the net, despite all efforts by Kyle Cumiskey to speedily rush the puck into the opposing zone. This "people moving" element of the Avs defense has been missing since Rob Blake and his 40 ton backside left for the West coast.

Should the Avs make a move to maybe get Blake back? They have the money, and the way I see it, with the return of Super Joe the offense should gain cohesiveness in the coming weeks. Yet for every outstanding save that Jose Theodore is pulling of, there is going to be an Andrew Cogliano waiting on the doorstep for a meaty rebound.

If the Avs are going to hold the fort, and gain any ground in the Northwest and Western Conference, they need a people mover. Failing that Avs fans may be looking at yet another long spring as their team falls out of playoff contention.

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