Saturday, March 1, 2008

La Migra!

Hot off the presses comes news that Peter Forsberg has arrived in Denver pending further investigation by authorities. The former MVP was expected to join the team Friday in Denver but was detained due to problems with Canadian/American immigration.

Forsberg's detention came as a shock to many in the Denver area, and even got coverage on at least one Denver sports radio station. The DNP has acquired a transcript of what Don Cherry termed an "international incident".

March 1, 2008
Airport Security
Vancouver International Airport.

Agent Burns: Okay Mr. Forsberg it looks like all your papers are in order. I think you should be all right to enter the US.

Peter Forsberg: Thank you. It's been kind of a pain. I started thinking for a minute that you guys weren't going to let me out of the country.

Agent Burns: Oh! Funny guy. Well you know...

Unfortunate that you couldn't play in the Canucks game, eh? Sorry about that.

Forsberg: Well I'm a bit sore you know, from the surgeries.

Agent Burns: Yeah, yeah.

You, uh, ever think about playing for the Canucks?

Forsberg: I thought about it a little. Markus and I are friends.

Agent: Markusss....?

Forsberg: Naslund.

Agent: Naslund! Yeah. That's what I thought. So you know Mr. Forsberg, we have mountains here too. Plenty of skiing...

Forsberg: Funny.

Agent Burns: What's funny?

Forsberg: to recruit me?

Agent Burns: You're a real funny guy, eh?

Forsberg: eh? heh (laughing)

Agent Burns: (staring) So no Canucks?

Forsberg: No. So can I go? I'm going to miss my plane.

Agent Burns: Sure, sure...but um, what's this? Is this...marijuana?

Forsberg: What?! I don't!

From that point Forsberg was detained in Vancouver. What we know is Vancouver authorities were charging Forsberg with marijuana posession over 4 ounces until he agreed to play for the Canucks.

In exchange, the Vancouver organization proposed to the Colorado Avalanche what they deemed a fair trade offer which involved Brad Isbister and Mike Weaver for the rights to Forsberg, three first round draft picks, and a case of Fat Tire.

That is where the story ended until about noon Colorado time, when it was reported that Forsberg was actually with the team.

When Avalanche officials were questioned Pierre Lacroix informed the DNP that Forsberg was rescued from Vancouver by the Stastny Family who snuck him out of the country in the trunk of a 1987 Buick Skylark.

We'll keep you posted if there are any further developments.

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