Saturday, April 26, 2008


As George Costanza once said "I am speechless. I have no speech."

I leave town for a couple of days to get a new job and come back to this? Really?

I’m not even sure how to logically respond to today’s thrashing of the Avalanche by the Red Wings. Going into the series I felt that for the Avs to have a shot against the Wings they needed to play near-perfect hockey. They needed to hit, score early and play defense. Pretty simple really, but beginning with Peter Forsberg’s groin injury before game 1, Scott Hannan taking a slapper off of his instep during game 1, and Jose Theodore apparently coming down with the kind of mystery illness that prevents him from stopping anything that is thrown at the net, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the red hot Wings sweep the Avs out of the playoffs.

All of a sudden the Avalanche are undermanned, playing undisciplined hockey, and coming apart at the seams.

If I had any hope going into the playoffs it was that this edition of the Avalanche, who I felt had very little chance of actually winning the Cup this season, would at least manage to fight hard, keep games tight, and in the event of elimination, at very least not embarrass Colorado hockey fans.

Well we can throw that out the window!

I have no idea what it is going to take for the Avalanche to get back into this series. At this point I’m just hoping there will be more white showing up in the crowd at the Can on Tuesday than red. Yet not even that seems to be feasible at this point.



Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or where both teams skating in slow motion today? Very bizarre...

The Avs need to have one of those "players only" meetings in the room. Maybe they need to do some team building training, like falling backwards into your goalie's arms. Maybe the forwards need to back-check like their ass is on fire.

Regardless of what else it may take, I'd start with Peter Budaj...

Aaron D'Albey said...

They need to start Budaj for sure. something is clearly wrong with Theo.

I have been of the opinion that BOTH teams have been skating in slow motion the entire series. Maybe there is a bad ice issue at the Joe, or maybe both teams are sick.

If Theo was pulled in game one after attempting to fight through some kind of illness, which probably carried over to today's game, then it is possible there is some kind of bug going around.

I'm not talking "potatoes lyonnaise" like what afflicted Ed Belfour against the Avs so many years ago. But I can't shake this feeling that something is up.

Jibblescribbits said...

I don't even know what to say at this point... The Avs didn't even look that bad, for a little while in Game 2 I mean even down 3-00, they gave up 2 PP goals, and a very weak goal.

I am just perplexed at the last 2 games.

Aaron D'Albey said...

Jibble, I think the team is sick. And without Forsberg the Wings are allowed to focus on sitting on lines (where has Joe Sakic gone?).

Basically the Avs need to suck it up and play, especially Forsberg.

Wings fans have to be loving the fact that Pedro isn't out there ruling over their team, as they are normally so terrified of the man that they can do nothing but hate him.